By Plaingraffic 17 Mar, 2017
Working with Climbing Trees over the past few years has been a real journey, we were lucky enough to work with them on their first album "Hebron" and have recently completed a body of work for the second album Borders.

The starting point of this project was to create a new brand image for the band, It was really important for us to capture the progression and growth of Climbing trees.
This was achieved through a geometrical logo mark supported by a new typeface that injected a new sense of maturity into the bands image.
The logo mark, and the shapes that it threw out became a focal point for the artwork of the new album. 

The project consisted of four singles and the album along with promotional pieces.
We knew from the outset that this had to be tackled as a project and not a one off piece, the singles had to tell a story and connect to each other, eventually culminating into the album.

Climbing Trees were on board from the start and the band had a particular eye for detail.
All the singles, Graves, Tracks, Amber and Lost were built around a distressed, illustrative mark which incorporated elements inspired by the lyrics from each song.
This central illustration was then supported by a consistent and formulated typographic structure which balanced out the project beautifully.
The album itself was build solely around the logo mark and typographic elements and served as an overarching piece that anchored the whole project.

Our main objective was to create artwork pieces that were considerate to the music, engaged with the viewer / listener and most importantly did the band justice.
Borders is a beautiful collection of music which is created by a band who work extremely hard and consider every element of what they do, we are very proud to have been a small part of it and can't wait to see what they do next.

Find out more about this project at
and find out more about climbing trees at  and yes we did design the website!
By Plaingraffic 03 Mar, 2017

We always keep an eye out for good design and this is right on our doorstep! Cardiff-based consultancy Smorgasbord have done a beautiful job in developing a new brand for Wales. The new identity is set to be used throughout welsh tourism and business sectors. This development is certainly going to enhance these areas and we can’t wait to see it in motion.

Don’t take our word for it, take a look at this short video and learn more about the development of the bespoke typeface and colour palettes that have been built into this brand development.

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